About us


We are a non-profit voluntary association, based in Sarnico, which has been carrying out for years an intense tourist promotion of the territory.

The Association Pro Loco Sarnico was founded in 1980 by a group of citizens animated by the desire to join forces in a non-profit project to make known to all the fascinating local peculiarities.

Today the Pro Loco Sarnico is an open structure, independent of any ideology and organization, although in continuous dialogue and in absolute harmony with public structures, because only in harmony you work well and you achieve excellent results.


The Pro Loco concretely implements its aims by raising awareness of the consensus and involvement of economic operators, public and private institutions, and bodies, through the following activities:

  • Taking care of information, the reception of tourists, with the opening and annual management of the Infopoint Basso Lago d'Iseo e Valcalepio;
  • Develop a sense of hospitality towards guests and global knowledge of the territory of competence;
  • Develop activities related to tourism such as the management of the door to the public as a nautical register office;
  • Promote and organize, also in collaboration with public and/ or private, initiatives that serve to attract and make more pleasant the stay of tourists and the best quality of life for residents and enhance our artistic beauty-historical-cultural and landscape;
  • Promote artistic, cultural, musical, and theatrical knowledge with the organization of trips aimed at visiting exhibitions, works, theater performances, and significant events in Lombardy and neighboring regions;
  • Collaborate with tourist agencies and operators of Basso Sebino, the Province of Bergamo, and the neighboring Province of Brescia;
  • Support local associations that have ends in harmony with those of the Pro Loco;
  • Collaborate with the pro-loco of the territory.

This task is made possible by a structure of professional figures who, over the years, have developed considerable capacity for proposal and organization. They are supported by a large number of volunteers who give their free collaboration and bring new ideas.